Byers’ Choice

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Byers’ Choice takes pride in their craftsmanship and encourage creativity and variety to make each piece unique. They believe in capturing a spirit and creating personalities in their Carolers, as they feel this adds great dimensions to each figure.

In the late 1960’s, Joyce Byers started making what has come to be known as Byers’ Choice Carolers out of her desire to create holiday decorations that showed a respect for timeless traditions and her own memories of Christmas. Now a family business, Joyce, her husband Bob and their two sons, work with their team of 180 trained artisans to create each Byers’ Choice Caroler with a unique appearance and handcrafted quality. Located in Pennsylvania, the Byers’ family continues to handcraft those same creations that started out on the dining room table many years ago.

We carry a complete line of Byers Choice Carolers, including Traditional Carolers, Victorian Carolers, Traveling Carolers, Holiday Shoppers, Sea Faring Carolers. We also carry a wide selection of Byers Choice Kindles & Traditions.